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Our prosthesis have successfully gotten through the clinical test and are 99,9998% safe. They are made out of medical materials and do not cause any kind of infection.  


Solutions for  metoidioplasty

A specific research on dermo-epithelial culture, with a cellular structure in 3D field and tissue engineering for the production of biocompatible scaffold for the improvement of the neopenis’ circumference during post-metoidioplasty.

Our Ultra Realistic Prosthesis are Biomaster certified. Handmade by Italian Maestros, using only the highest quality materials.


Many consider transsexuality as a challenge to nature. To us, this is not a challenge or a game: it is about giving dignity to a life that doesn’t have any. As it was said between Bronn and Jaime Lannister “It seems like this whole world revolves around a bird”.

As FTMs we know that it is true – the penis it’s nothing but the symbol of a successfully completed transition, that has finally been achieved after the hardest journey and way too many sacrifices.

Whether we choose the metoidioplasty or phalloplasty, it would always be a matter of a hard, painful choice – believing there won’t be any safer solutions or cheaper alternatives to help us achieve our life-goal.

And if we told you that these solutions exist?
The first prototype not only exists but it has been certified, patented and it is on the market since 2017. Feeling curious?Our prosthesis focus on aesthetic, realism and comfort, while preserving their important functionalities. The 3in1s it’s a full-stack packer that can be used during sexual intercourses, or simply worn as an STP. 

To this day, our Italian Maestros are still improving both design and comfort, to achieve the best product you could find. Our solutions will not only complete your journey, they’ll also be great companions that will follow you through it.

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          biomaster certification

          A new incredibly resistant antimicrobial, based on highly active silver ions. Tested on more than fifty different species of bacteria and over two thousands applications, Biomaster is able to reduce the noxious species as Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Escherichia coli, Listeria, Salmonella and Campylobacter until the 99,99%. Biomaster eliminates more than 80% of these bacteria in only fifteen minutes.

          The silicones used comply to the ISO 22196:2011 JIS Z2801 regulations: tests have been carried out by independent laboratories. The ISO antibacterial tests to which we have subjected our silicones to measure the efficacy of Biomaster have developed in the following phases: the injection of test samples with a nutritious mixture containing a known amount of bacteria, the samples were conserved in optimal conditions for the bacterial growth (37°C) for 24 hours and the number of remaining vital bacterial colonies is measured 24 hours after the injection.

          FTM Shopping is a project created by Trans boys for Trans boys.


          Been looking for a hyper realistic packer for a long time! Got myself a MultiUse and it definitely does its job. I will totally recommended it to all my friends.

          Ronald M. Horne

          I chose a Pleasure packer.
          I can’t stress how satisfied I am with the product. All I can say is, I ordered a prosthesis and I got a penis.

          David J. Davis

          “Having to compromise the look of a good prosthesis over comfort it’s a tough, sad decision. Luckily, FTM Shopping got me to a completely different conclusion.”

          Phillip Franco