Free Shipping in Europe, UK, and USA | HANDMADE WITH LOVE IN ITALY ♡ 

Free Shipping in Europe, UK, and USA | HANDMADE WITH LOVE IN ITALY ♡ 

Ftm Prosthetics
and Trans Packer

Very Soft Packer (Super Squishy)
Semi-hard Pack and Play
Multi Use with Inner Skeleton (No Stp)
Multi Use 3in1 w/ STP Hole and Sex Rod


Our products are hand-painted according to the chosen color, any customizations and special effects requested by the customer such as a darker glans and testicles or a softer color or a purple effect.

Flap for adhesive

The additional Flap option will make the prosthesis compatible with the adhesive glues available. Please consult with your doctor and choose the most suitable glue for your skin.

Veins & Movable skin

We pay great attention to details such as the 3D veins under the skin that can flow right up to the glans and even onto the testicles. Our leather is very durable but soft and realistic to the touch.

Inner rod for stp

If you need a complete solution, you should try the 3 in 1 option, which allows you to use the prosthesis both as a packer, as an STP, and as a prosthesis for intercourse, thanks to the insertable rod to erect the prosthesis when you need it.

Hyper Realistic FTM Packers 3 in 1 and STP

All our prosthesis come with our popular skin feature. Custom size available.
They are made out of Medical silicone, they are extremely soft to the touch, hypoallergenic, waterproof, and scent-free.
You can add a Flap for Medical Adhesive or a Harness. Last but not least, you can ask also strong customizations via Live Chat.


Hyper-Realistic FTM Prosthesis 
American Anatomy Model
Circumference of 14cm (5.5″)
Length range: 16 to 22 cm (5-9″).

380.00$ – 560.00$


Hyper-Realistic FTM Prosthesis 
European Anatomy Model
Circumference of 12cm (4.7″)
Length range: 11 to 15 cm (4.7 – 5.9″). 

300.00$ – 480.00$


Hyper-Realistic FTM Prosthesis 
African Anatomy Model
Circumference of 14cm (5.5″)
Length range: 15 to 18 cm (5.9 – 7.8″).

350.00$ – 530.00$

Free shipping in USA, Canada and Europe

We ship worldwide with our new design packaging box.  Our packaging is discrete and shipping is provided with UPS express via Airplane in 3-5 days.

Live Chat

You can contact our operators through the Live Chat to receive information about the products on the website; be guided step by step during the checkout process;

You can also write to us via chat for all questions, doubts or problems after the purchase of your prosthesis. You can ask us to change an order, shipping address or provide your custom color.

Do not hesitate to write to us, if we are offline we will send you an email!

Remember to look at the Frequently Asked Questions section for further information about online payments and many other common questions or concerns.

Safe payments

We provide only Security payment gateways

Buying a prosthesis is a very delicate choice, which is why we want to reassure you: our payment methods only provide systems that have as their primary objective the safety for both the customer and the seller. Therefore, we do not accept payments other than Stripe and Paypal, which offer 360 ° protection. You will not have to worry about frauds or scams; we are fast, serious, and above all, reliable because we rely on payment systems with proven stability.

Paypal payment and paypal payment plans

You can pay safely on PayPal and take advantage of purchase protection. If you need a payment plan in installments, you can contact us via chat and plan with us a plan suitable for you.

Pay via card with stripe

If you want to pay with your card, you can use the stripe payment method, one of the best systems in the world in terms of speed and security.

Very discrete and elegant packaging

Our packaging is designed to protect your privacy and to be utilized as the container of your Prosthesis. That’s why we use Two packagings to ship the product to you.

Our products are handmade and handpainted by italian silicone sculptors and artist. Each product is personalized and stress tested.

Our main goal is to provide the highest possible quality, an effect of realism both to the eye and the touch. In the team, there are both transgender and cisgender, united in the fight against dysphoria. This is just the first step: our research team wants to devote all its energy to the definitive solution to penile dysphoria.


Please read the Frequent Asked Questions related to our Ftm prosthetics before Buying to avoid troubles and misunderstoodings.
If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please click here to contact us.

What are FTM prosthetics and their primary functions?

FTM prosthetics are devices designed to resemble and, in some cases, function as male genitalia.

They come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, with packers serving as a more simple, non-anatomical choice, and more realistic options like STPs (Stand-to-Pee) and erectile prosthetics that offer additional functionality.

The primary functions of these prosthetics are to aid in personal alignment with gender identity and, for some, to perform basic male functions like urination.

What materials are commonly used in making FTM prosthetics?

FtM prosthetics are made from a range of materials to cater to the diverse needs of users.

Silicone is the most common material for creating the skin-like texture and feel.

It’s durable, easy to clean, and mimics the elasticity of human skin. Some prosthetics also have a core of harder materials to ensure stability and functionality.

What is the cost range for FTM prosthetics?

The cost of FtM prosthetics can vary considerably.

Simple packers typically range from $20 to $100, while more complex STP prosthetics or those with additional functions can run from a few hundred to over a thousand dollars.

The investment depends on factors like realism, materials, and features, with medical insurance sometimes covering part or all of the expense.

Are FTM prosthetics comfortable and easy to wear?

The comfort level of FtM prosthetics varies depending on the individual’s experience and the design of the prosthetic.

Soft packers are generally comfortable for daily wear, while prosthetics with more rigid constructions might take some time getting used to.

Adapting to wearing an STP or pleasure prosthetic can take practice for some, but many find that they are comfortable and easy to use.

What size should I get?

Selecting the correct size of FTM prosthetic is crucial for comfort, functionality, and overall satisfaction.

Here’s a guide to assist you in finding the right fit: Start by accurately measuring your body. Take into account your body type and proportions.

Reflect on the intended functionality and usage.

Prioritize personal comfort and the desire for a realistic appearance.

If uncertain, seek guidance from a healthcare professional.

How to choose the best FtM prosthetic?

Choosing the right FtM prosthetic boils down to your specific requirements and personal preferences.

Start with considering your lifestyle, are you looking for something to pack and give the bump of a natural physique, or do you need an STP for use in restrooms?

Consider the material, the level of realism, and whether you need a basic prosthetic or one with more advanced features like ejaculation and erection function.

Feedback from others who have used different types can also be invaluable.

How to wear a FtM prosthetic?

Wearing an FTM prosthetic involves several steps for a comfortable fit: ensure it’s clean and dry, position it securely, adjust for comfort, wear clothing that supports it discreetly, be mindful of comfort throughout the day, embrace it confidently, and maintain it properly for hygiene and longevity.

Following these steps ensures a confident and comfortable experience with your FTM prosthetic.

How to pack with boxers?

Packing an FTM prosthetic with boxers involves selecting boxers with a pouch or front opening, then securely placing the prosthetic inside that area.

Adjust as necessary for comfort and a natural appearance.

Can I sleep with my prosthetic on?

Whether to sleep with an FtM prosthetic is a matter of personal preference.

For some, it adds to comfort and alignment with identity.

If it’s a source of dysphoria or discomfort during sleep, then taking it off at night is perfectly acceptable.

Always follow the specific care instructions to maintain the prosthesis when deciding to wear it overnight.

How do I discreetly wear and use my prosthetic in public?

Many FtM prosthetics are designed to be discreet, but it can take some experimentation to find the best way to wear and use them in public.

Discretion often comes down to finding the right garments, accessories, and positions for your preferred prosthetic.

Practicing at home in front of a mirror can help build confidence in using the prosthetic in different situations.

Additionally, online communities often share tips and tricks for discreet use in various environments.

Can I swim or engage in sports activities with an FTM prosthetic?

FtM prosthetics are made from a range of materials to cater to the diverse needs of users.

Silicone is the most common material for creating the skin-like texture and feel.

It’s durable, easy to clean, and mimics the elasticity of human skin. Some prosthetics also have a core of harder materials to ensure stability and functionality.

How do I clean and maintain my FTM prosthetic?

Proper maintenance is key to prolonging the lifespan of your FtM prosthetic.

Cleaning after each use with mild soap and water is generally recommended.

Disinfectants which are based on ethyl alcohol are not recommended.

The product should always be used with a condom because of the nature of the partner’s Ph.

For packers and non-adhesive prosthetics, you can also use specialized cleaners designed for these materials.

Storing it in a cool, dry place not only helps keep it clean, but also preserves its shape and quality.

Are there any health or safety concerns with using FTM prosthetics?

When used according to the instructions, FtM prosthetics are generally safe and pose no specific health risks.

One common concern is the development of urinary tract infections (UTIs) for those using STPs.

Prevention includes keeping the prosthetic clean, using it properly, and urinating before and after activities.

Ensuring that FTM prosthetics are purchased from reputable manufacturers and suppliers can help mitigate the risk of safety concerns related to product quality or durability.

If any discomfort or unusual symptoms occur, it’s essential to seek medical advice.