Ftm  packers
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  • Very Soft Packer (Super Squishy)
  • Soft Pack and Play
  • Semi-hard Pack and Play
  • 3 in 1 w/ STP Hole and Sex Rod
  • 4 in 1 w/ Stimulator on Rod


Our 4 in 1 products have unique features: they are StP prosthesis and, at the same time, comfortable packers to wear on a daily basis or during sexual intercourse. The extra skin feature provides an extremely realistic look and feel. Last but not least, our multi-use prosthesis are designed and meant for the pleasure and fun of both parties. Available sizes are 5.9″ and 7.8″.

Realistic hand painting

Movable Skin and realistic veins

Free Harness included with your packer

Medical Adhesive option


Our Multi Use Prosthetics are both Stp and comfortable Pack and Play.
They come with a free harness, a sex rod for your pleasure and the popular skin feature. 
Custom sizes available.

ftm realistic packer – HECTOR

This Hyper-Realistic FTM Prosthesis is our new Model named “Hector”. Its Skin has a larger circumference and It’s an 18cm length (5.3″ x 7″). Made out of medical silicone, it’s extremely soft to the touch, hypoallergenic, waterproof and scent-free.

ftm realistic packer – golia

This amazing prosthesis has a circumference of 12cm and a weight of 180g excluding its rod. It comes with a realistic glans and veiny shaft; it’s also hand-painted. Made out of medical platinum silicone: soft to the touch, hypoallergenic, waterproof and smell-proof, it’s comfortable inside your underwear. It includes a rod for sexual intercourses which will provide support to your erection.

ftm realistic packer – david

This Maxi FTM Prosthesis With Skin has larger circumference and a 20cm lenght (5.5″ x 7.8″). Made out of medical silicone, it’s extremely soft to the touch, hypoallergenic, waterproof and scent-free.

extra options and services

Take a look at all our extra available services. 

3in1 option

Our multi use products have unique features: they are StP prosthesis and, at the same time, comfortable packers to wear on a daily basis or during sexual intercourse. They are designed and meant for the pleasure and fun of both parties. 


We ship worldwide with our new design packaging box.  Our packaging is discrete and shipping is provided with UPS express option and a cheap economic Express courier.

You will find your prosthetic, a harness and a Rod
(if you choosed a Multi Use). 

color customization

Our prostheses are handmade in Italy and painted by professional painters.
You can ask for customizations such as piercings or particular colors, in and other specific elements.


Please read the Frequent Asked Questions related to our Ftm prosthetics before Buying to avoid troubles and misunderstoodings.
If you don't find what you're looking for, please click here to contact us.


How can I keep my prosthesis hygienic and soft?
Our prosthesis can be washed simply with soap and water, no particular sanitizing detergents are needed. They must be maintained lubricated with a common body oil or a water-based lubricant.


Can I use my prosthesis for sex?
We often receive questions about the correct use of this product during the sexual intercourse. The answer is yes, but you need to use it correctly. Our prosthesis’ material quality - 100% platinum silicone - is high enough to allow penetration, with the strict use of condoms. This particular silicone is not toxic and it is safe to your skin, but it isn’t intended to the sexual penetration.

If you choose our product for intercourse, we strongly recommend the use of condoms to preserve yourself from both damaging the prosthesis and your skin. This will also reduce the associated risk of sexually transmitted diseases, and it will keep your prosthesis clean and in good conditions. Only use condoms that contain water-based lubricant to avoid damaging the product. Very intense intercourse is not recommended because it can damage the prosthesis’ skin.

Does the prosthesis allow me to feel pleasure during the intercourses?
It is confirmed by our customers that our prosthesis allow pleasure to both parties.

How should I insert the shaft?
The rod should be always, strictly inserted with water-based lubricant to avoid damaging the prosthesis.


How long does the prosthesis last?
The silicone is very resistant, but the life expectancy of the products is subjective - it depends on daily use and cleaning routine.

How can I use the prosthesis to urinate?
All of our 3in1 products have been designed to urinate normally. The prosthesis does not cover the urethra, so you have to fit it to its place with the scrotum facing downward and tilt the body forward to successfully urinate, considering the prosthesis as a small funnel in which the urine will descend.

You might find it challenging to urinate correctly when having a generous flow. Keep the prosthesis facing downward and don’t be afraid to place a tiny piece of plastic straw right inside the glans’ hole. For best results, we recommend prosthesis from 12 cm upwards.

Can I urinate without lowering my trousers?
We recommend lowering your pants at least until you can tilt you body as forward as needed, to avoid discomfort or having your prosthesis stuck\coming off.

Can I use the prosthesis at the beach or if I go swimming?
Yes. Our prosthesis can be used in the pool or at the beach, in the sauna and in the hot tub. No adhesives are needed, its ergonomic and concave shape guarantees the adherence to the pubic area with a tight panty.

There are air bubbles on my prosthesis' surface. Is it normal?Yes, they don’t influence negatively on your prosthesis performances. If you receive a product with an air bubble larger than 3 mm, it will be covered by the warranty if promptly notified.

My prosthesis does not seem to be as long as advertised, why?The length of the male genitals is generally measured from the base (just below the pubic arch) to the glans' tip. This is how we normally measure our products.


Will my order be sent immediately after the payment?
Your product will be produced with your customization and shipped after 5-7 working days. 

How long will it take to receive my item?
We usually ship with UPS or CRONO. Ups delivers in 48h and CRONO in 5 days. Shipping delays are not FTM Shopping's responsability once the item has shipped but we are available to help you with package tracking and infos 🙂 

Will I receive a tracking code with my order?
Yes, tracking code will be provided via email as soon as the shipping has been booked.

What are the shipping costs?
The cost of each shipping is indicated next to the prices of each item. Please note that a small mark-up on the price is added to the transport cost of each item. This is to cover the costs of boxes and packaging materials.

Do you ship abroad?
Yes, we regularly do. Shipping costs are evaluated according to the destination country and are promptly communicated.

I’m a foreign customer and I have to pay a tax to receive my package, why?
Each country is different, but in many countries penalties and duties are applied to import goods, usually according to the product cost. To properly secure these products, the real cost of the item must be added to the insurance form. The buyer has to pay these taxes on the order. Please, don’t ask us to mark the orders as gifts: it’s illegal.


Do you accept returns?
From 2020, we accept returns and Exchanges. You can read the Refund Policy here.

Can I change my product?
We make changes only if there is a production error.
You can read the Refund Policy here.

Can I cancel the order?
Yes, only if the prosthesis has not already entered production: possible refunds caused by the order cancellation not yet in production will be subjected to a 20% penalty for the seller, 30% of costs for the website and if you have chosen Paypal as a method of payment, the 3.4%, and the afterthought must take place within the first 12hrs after the purchase, without exceptions. Those who shop at ftmshopping.it automatically accept the provided terms and conditions. Any prosthesis purchased through links from our affiliates cannot be refunded, either.
Any prosthesis that has already reached the production phase cannot be cancelled.

In the event that a purchase was made during a promotion or there was a reduction from our affiliates, the prosthesis will be not refunded in any way.


How can I pay for my item?
We accept Stripe and Paypal as standard Payment method. If needed, you can ask to Pay with a recurring payment or Bank Transfer. We accept case by case.

Do you use financing?
We are working on it. For now, we can decide for each situation.


What are the possible damages covered by warranty?
The claimed damages will be examined by our technical staff after a visual inspection of the prosthesis. The damages caused by a misuse will not be covered. The products that are subjected to an excessive use for sex are the customer's responsibility and warranty annulment follows immediately. Any misuse of the prosthetic/using the product in a manner that hasn't been described on the webside will be considered a valid reason for the warranty annulment. 

What kind of damages will be covered?
Generally, the damages caused by a production error (lacerations due to stains or colouring problems, such as flaking or fading) will be covered by the standard warranty.
The problems caused by the daily usury can be covered after the visual inspection. Potential breaks discovered on arrival of the shipment must be notified immediately and the product must not be lubricated.
All of our products are shipped with talc that preserves their characteristic softness; they must then be washed with soap and water, checked and only after having observe the effective integrity of the item they can be lubricated with a common body oil. The lubrication of the product definitively isolates the silicone and does not allow any potential reparations. If you continue using a defective product that can provoke other damages, the reparation will not be covered.
All of the approved reparations will be free. The incurred costs for transport can be refunded at a determined cost by the company.

What should I do if I find a rip?
Stop using it immediately! Don’t continue to use a prosthesis that presents a rip. Continuing to use it can cause other damages and it can invalidate the warranty. Most of the damages can be repaired if caught them in time and corrected. Contact us immediately by e-mail and report the damage, attaching a photo with a detailed description. We usually answer within 48 hours with precise instructions on how to proceed.

Any question?

Do you need any further informations? Whether you have a specific request, any other questions, or simply want to share and express your ideas with us, FTM Shopping offers a customer care service via email. Click on the button below and get in touch, we’ll reply back as soon as possible.