All our prostheses come with our popular skin feature. Custom size available.
They are made out of Medical silicone, they are extremely soft to the touch, hypoallergenic, waterproof, and scent-free. You can add a Flap for Medical Adhesive or a Harness. Last but not least, you can ask also for strong customizations via Live Chat. 



Our main goal is to provide the highest possible quality, an effect of realism both to the eye and the touch. In the team, there are both transgender and cisgender, united in the fight against dysphoria. This is just the first step: our research team wants to devote all its energy to the definitive solution to penile dysphoria.

Choose the multi use

realistic prosthetics

The Multi-use option is available for all our prosthetics. Choose the model you like and select the option: “Usage – Multi use: Packer, Sex, Stp with Hole and Rod”. 

Only Top Quality

realistic Packer Features

Our Realistic prosthetics come with high detail painting, with 100% safe painting technique. The Medical silicone is very soft to the touch, and the movable skin and the 3d veins will make it feel so realistic not only to the eyes but also to the touch.

Realistic Hand-Painting

Our products are hand-painted according to the chosen color, any customizations and special effects requested by the customer such as a darker glans and testicles or a softer color or a purple effect.

Veins & Movable skin

We pay great attention to details such as the 3D veins under the skin that can flow right up to the glans and even onto the testicles. Our leather is very durable but soft and realistic to the touch.

Flap for adhesive

The additional Flap option will make the prosthesis compatible with the adhesive glues available on the market. Please consult with your doctor and choose the most suitable glue for your skin.

Hands down these are the post realistic prosthetics on the market. I’ve already purchased two.

The painting and detail is remarkable. The touch – and “foreskin” layer is truly realistic – these are a work of art !

I highly recommend and 100% worth the price. I’ve purchased from other brands and these are defiantly the best and FAST SHIPPING / PROCESSING TIME ! Thank you so much for what you guys are doing – really appreciate it.


Best Work!!the Look is so much realistic and to packing with it is very comfortable!


This is the most detailed and realistic prosthetic I have gotten in 28 years!
The realism is above and beyond all the very expensive ones. I have purchased from every major and some minor companies. They can compare.
Definitely will buy again if necessary.
I can’t wait to see what is next with this companies progress! Thanks!